Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What hardware or software is required? None. Instant Locate takes care of all the hardware, software, and maintenance.

  2. What is involved in implementing the service? Instant Locate can do everything from start to finish. We can even provide the database of stores that sell your products. However, If you can provide a list of the stores that carry your products in a "txt" or "dbase" format, it will expedite system implementation.

  3. How is biling done? Instant Locate provides online accounting reports, available 24x7 and updated daily. To see yours, login here.

  4. Can customers use their existing toll-free phone number? Yes. If you already have a toll-free phone number, Instant Locate can set up your service using that number. However, Instant Locate can set up new phone numbers for special promotions or clients who don't have an existing toll-free number.

  5. How is the system updated? Instant Locate will automatically take care of all area code and zip code changes as they happen. All you are responsible for is letting Instant Locate know when locations start or stop selling your products.

  6. How much does it cost? For companies with very basic needs, we can implement a store locator service for as little as $500 for setup and just $65 a month for basic service.

  7. How long has Instant Locate been providing Phone-Based Store Locator Services? Instant Locate has been providing these services since 1996. Major League Baseball has bee a happy customer for 5 years.

  8. How long does the service take to implement? Most services can be completely implemented with 3-4 weeks.

  9. How many calls can the service accommodate? Instant Locate’s Phone Based Store Locator Service is accurate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For example, the service processes over 100,000 calls per year for the Topps Company.

  10. How accurate is the service? The service is the most accurate on the market. It utilizes a true geocode search engine utilizing the latest mapping information.

  11. Does it work for all zip codes? Instant Locate’s service will include the closest locations to every zip code, even if the closest locations are a hundred miles away.

  12. Does the system work in Canada too? Yes. This capacity is easily demonstrated on the Topps Hotline at 888-GO TOPPS, which lists both U.S. and Canadian locations.

  13. Can calls be transferred from the service to a home office or other location? Yes.

  14. Can the service accept voice messages? Yes.

  15. Is the audio computer generated? No. Information provided to callers is recorded by an actual human voice so it is easy to understand.

  16. Who will do the voice recordings? That is up to the customer. Instant locate can do all of the voice recordings for store addresses and menu options; or your organization can decide which sections it would like to record.

  17. If the system is used to conduct market research, how does the client receive results? Market Research is an option of the service and can be provided in a concise report format, as needed (daily, weekly, monthly).

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