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Major League Baseball (MLB) has utilized Instant Locate's Store Locator Services since 1996 to help consumers find locations that sell Licensed MLB Merchandise. Because consumers look for different types of products, MLB utilizes multiple store databases in their Store Locator. Callers call to find nearby locations that sell Licensed MLB Trading Cards and Memorabilia.

Major League Baseball also uses their Store Locator to provide callers with information about the different type of products their resellers carry. And for the more than five years, MLB has utilized their Store Locator to implement and manage an All-Star Game Promotion in the All-Star Cities.

To Demo the Major League Baseball Hotline, call 877-CARD-MLB.


A showcase client for Instant Locate, the Topps Company (Topps) has been the world's largest manufacturer of trading cards since 1951. Topps refers to their Store Locator as the Topps Hotline because it does much more than just help consumers find locations that sell Topps trading cards. The service also provides callers with complete product information including recently released product analysis and product schedules.

The Topps Hotline runs several promotions on a continuous basis, which are announced in packs of cards that consumers buy. Promotions include Gallery Auction for NFL, MLB, and NBA; weekly MVP for NFL and NBA; the All-Star Triple Play promotion and other ongoing promotions.

The Topps Company has also utilized their Hotline as a market-research device by encouraging callers to participate in surveys. The Hotline then provides Topps with tallied results.

The Topps Hotline is completely effective for USA and Canada and receives over 100,000 calls every year.

To Demo the Topps Hotline, call 888-GO-TOPPS.


NEW! Instant Locate has implemented a store locator for the National Football League (NFL) to promote official NFL merchandise, including current and upcoming products and trading cards. The NFL Hotline also provides fans with NFL news and updates.

To Try the New NFL Hotline, call 866-NFL-PACK.

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