How Does Instant Locate™Work?

Here's one example of Instant Locate in action: A customer sees your advertisement or product packaging, which includes the number to your company's toll-free locator hotline. They like your product and want to buy. So they dial the phone number and are connected to a fun and informative automated service that provides them with a wealth of options:

Instant Locate can be configured any number of ways; its flexibility enables you to come up with creative and diverse services for your customers. In this example, the automated service is set up to offer the following:

1. Product Information: a 24-hour automated sales force touts new products, special features, and and other customer-focused sales information.

2. Store Locations: fast, easy access to no less than three (3) nearby locations for any zip code in the United States or Canada.

3. Special Promotions and Events: The system provides information to drive attendance to your events and promotions.

4. Market Research: a keyed-response survey gathers important information about customer preferences and thoughts about your products.

5. Customer Feedback: the system patches customers to voicemail, an automated tree, or directly to a customer service representative.

Check Out Some Real-Life Examples

To experience Instant Locate in action, visit our Client Examples page and try out one of our clients' active hotlines.

How You Can Get Started

Instant Locate can work with you, hand-in-hand, to set up your system; or we can provide a turnkey solution. If you have a list of store locations, you’re halfway there. Or Instant Locate can compile a database for you. We take it from there. All you do is let us know when you'd like to implement updates or promotional information. For our customers, it really is that easy.

To get started, simply call Instant Locate at 1.800.779.0988.

Put Instant Locate on Your Web Site

Instant Locate offers an Internet-based locator to work either alone or in complement with our phone-based locator service. Instant Locate has strategic partnerships with the best online mapping and locator-related services to merge the best of technologies to turn your Web site's visitors into active purchasers.

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